Automated Insights for Manufacturers

The sophisticated, rapid and repeatable way to uncover secrets in your product performance data

Smart Brain

Thorogood Automated Insights for Manufacturers is a unique solution that applies advanced analytic algorithms to your product performance data and allows you to get real insights in rapid time and in a manageable and repeatable way.

Why it’s needed

Manufacturers often use market share and consumer behavior data from external providers such as Nielsen and Kantar, to better understand the performance of their products, along with threats and opportunities posed by other competitors in their market.

Visually attractive dashboards and interactive reports can help users to see and understand some of the issues that influence their business, such as a marked sales growth in a product segment, or out of the ordinary performance in certain categories or regions.

But for organizations operating at scale with myriad channels, brands, categories, and geographical territories, relying on managers and analysts to identify opportunities in the data is time-consuming, and simply too big of a challenge without the help or Artificial Intelligence:

  • How much time does a busy manager have to investigate trends?
  • What is the likelihood that time spent looking at an issue will return key insight?
  • How does a user really know if something they see is significant?
  • What could simple investigation by human hand be missing?

How it works

Thorogood Automated Insights for Manufacturers automatically identifies threats & opportunities in the competitive landscape:

  • handling multiple permutations and scenarios to find valuable insights
  • identifying patterns in the data that human investigation can’t spot
  • verifying whether results are truly significant
  • supporting a repeatable process for ongoing analysis

Combining business performance data such as sales volume and value, and external measures of market share and consumer behavior, with influencing factors such as promotions, distribution, and stock outs, the insights engine can surface correlating and causal relationships that give a deep understanding into your products’ performance and untapped market opportunities.

Import & Model Data

Key data sets covering business performance and influencing factors are identified, imported, aligned, and modeled.

Configure Engine

The rules engine contains many algorithms proven in the consumer goods manufacturing sector. These are configured and customized to your unique organization and data.

Review Insights

The insights engine produces outputs for review, directing managers' and analysts' attention to high-value areas.

Key Features

Cloud solution

1.Microsoft Azure-based cloud solution for quick and easy deployment

Predefined algorithms

2.Includes predefined algorithms, leveraging deep sector expertise in consumer goods manufacturing

Automated processes

3.Automated processes re-run analyses whenever new data is available

Understand data

4.Helps managers and analysts to understand their data and focus attention on high-value areas

How to get started

If you would like to know more about how Thorogood Automated Insights for Manufacturers could help your business see the opportunities you could be missing, request a free, no-obligation demo or email