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Get the most from your Finance Data with Thorogood and Databricks


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The need for visibility across the organization and flexibility to analyze deeper in your data is greater than ever during these unprecedented times. Watch this recording where Thorogood consultants discuss how we helped the Finance arm of leading organizations understand their data better, and showcase solutions that use Finance data to drive intelligent business decisions.

In this webcast, Thorogood consultants James Leonard and Andrew Kennedy discuss how we’ve helped customers use the platform to enable better visibility of data, and encourage deeper analysis to better understand the underlying patterns and trends that reveal what’s really happening in the business. They demonstrate how you can leverage the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform to get more from your data, focussing on three use cases, and showing the pathway to a holistic view of your Finance data, and how to ensure you maximize the value delivered at every stage of your journey.

Get More from your Finance Data with Thorogood and Databricks (30 Mins)

The use cases we cover are:

  • Achieving a consistent global view of Finance KPIs
  • Using data and analytics to optimize a specific finance process, with Audit as an example
  • Combining internal Finance data with 3rd-party data to get a better understanding of the wider market

Is it for you?

  • Do you struggle to get a clear picture of exactly what’s happening in your Finance data?
  • Do you want to improve your Finance data and analytics and understand its relationship with other functions’ metrics while continuing to deliver value?
  • Are you keen to understand how Databricks and cloud data platforms can support you in making better use of data?