Market Insights Data as a Service

Thorogood MIDaaS is a cloud-based managed service that offers consumer goods companies timely, end-to-end management of third-party information from data providers, such as Nielsen and IRI, and from retailers of all kinds.

MIDaaS draws on Thorogood’s extensive expertise in synthesizing third-party data to alleviate the burden many organizations endure when trying to turn their recurring, external data feeds into meaningful analyses. Whether it is gaining insight into consumer consumption, tracking the performance of new products, or understanding market position, third-party data can give consumer goods organizations a critical view into the final leg of the supply chain.

This information can provide gainful advantage in the market if it can be processed and analyzed in a timely and comprehensive way. But many organizations find the process of collecting data from different providers, cleansing and consolidating it, and then aligning it to internal data on a recurring basis to be a complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive activity.

With MIDaaS, organizations around the globe can free themselves of this burden and redirect their time and resources toward gaining valuable insights from the full picture of the data.

How it works

  1. Customers provide access to third party data feeds and their internal master data
  2. We take care of tackling the accuracy, conformance, and enrichment of the data
  3. Customers receive a file on a recurring basis that contains accurate, third-party data aligned to their structures and ready to be ingested into internal systems to enable self-service and regular reporting

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