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BI & Analytics Governance with Qlik: Balancing Flexibility, Responsibility, and Control

Type: Webcast

Topic: Qlik

Join us on March 15th as we share our approach to define an effective Business Intelligence and Analytics governance model that is tuned to the specific needs of your organization.

Governance is not a one size fits all. An effective governance model is one that is adapted for your team’s individual business objectives and considers your organization’s unique technology ecosystem.

With an understanding of the interplay of business goals and technical possibilities, Thorogood has developed an approach to shaping bespoke Business Intelligence and Analytics governance models that ensure users are empowered, while maintaining focus on appropriate processes and best practices in accordance with an organization’s priorities.


What to expect

This webcast will include live presentation and demos to address the following topics:

  • An introduction to several fundamental tenets of Business Intelligence and Analytics governance, including 
    • Technology best practices 
    • End user training and coaching
    • Tool selection between QlikView, Qlik Sense and NPrinting for business use cases
  • Our approach to defining a governance model that starts simple and returns value quickly
  • Applying this approach to a technology ecosystem using the Qlik product suite


Is it for you

  • Do you want to empower more users in your organization to perform data analysis, create reports & dashboards, and support other business users in your organization?
  • Are you considering modifying your existing Governance model to accommodate shifting technologies or priorities within your organization?
  • Do you want to know how you can utilize the full capabilities of Qlik to support your Business Intelligence Governance strategy?
  • Are you struggling to manage several different inflight projects with different business goals and technical approaches?