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Our On Demand webcasts cover a range of hot topics from the world of Business Intelligence and Analytics. If you don't see what you're looking for here, check out our upcoming Webcasts section, or come along to meet us at one our UK and US in-person events.

Getting the most out of your Data Lake


Holding more data – both volume and variety – can unlock an organization’s access to wider analytics, and so implementing a data lake has become the big target in 2017. But in practice it isn’t always that easy – how do you get started and how does it fit within your existing data ecosystem?

Harnessing and Leveraging Your E-Commerce Data


It’s no surprise that e-commerce has been a rapidly growing channel for consumer acquisition and sales.

With companies like Amazon setting the standard for online sales, the Consumer Package Goods and Retail industries are making considerable investments in harnessing and analyzing the massive volumes of uniquely rich data available in the e-commerce space.

Using this data to shape product strategy, target customers and maximize ROI is a golden opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in this space.

In this webcast, Thorogood consultants Amanda Teschko and Matt Harrison explore the value of and strategies for leveraging e-commerce data to make better business decisions.

Amazon Web Services for BI & Analytics


Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud platform for Business Intelligence and Analytics. What are the relevant services and how do they work together for greatest effect?

In this webcast, Thorogood consultants Jeff Burke and Deb Lee  review the capabilities from Amazon and how they can be used in combination to drive valuable BI and Analytics solutions. They also show how Amazon aligns with existing strategies and technologies and where to get started.

Enhance your planning and budgeting process with Anaplan


Anaplan is a cloud-based enterprise planning and modeling platform that is disrupting the market and reinventing the way organizations are operating key processes.

Join us to understand how Anaplan can help you to rehabilitate your burdensome expense planning process.

Building a Data Driven Organization


How do you transform your organization into one that sources and analyzes data of all shapes and sizes, and applies the learning to decision making from top to bottom? We share experiences of helping global, blue chip organizations to develop analytics capabilities built upon the three pillars of tools, data and education.