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Powerful Pairings: Tableau & Microsoft BI

Type: Webcast

Topic: Tableau, Microsoft, Business Intelligence.

In this 40 minute recorded webcast, Jon Ward explores a variety of ways in which Tableau and Microsoft can complement each other in a modern Business Intelligence and Analytics landscape.

Evaluating the strengths of both product suites, we will demonstrate how these tools can be combined for valuable data driven decision making. The session is demo-led and focused on illustrating real examples through customer experiences.

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What to expect:

Tableau and Microsoft are two of the premier product suites in the Business Intelligence and Analytics market. Finding ways to leverage the key strengths of each of these tools is vital to a successful data and reporting strategy. We will explore ways in which Tableau and Microsoft can be leveraged together to address various challenges that arise in the Business Intelligence and Analytics market.

We will look to answer questions, such as:

  • How can data savvy users leverage the ease and speed of Tableau reporting with Microsoft’s data modelling capability to answer complex business questions?
  • How can Microsoft’s robust data platform capabilities create a foundation for enterprise reporting in Tableau Desktop and Server?
  • How can Tableau enhance and complement Microsoft’s front end offering so users can effectively leverage all available reporting tools?

Is it for you?

  • Would you like to see how Tableau and Microsoft can be combined to create a robust environment for analysing and sharing your data?
  • Are you interested in hearing about real world applications of Tableau Software and Microsoft BI to address common challenges in the Business Intelligence and Analytics industry? 
  • Are you currently leveraging Tableau and Microsoft in your Business Intelligence and Analytics landscape?
  • Are you a business user looking to get ideas for new ways these tools can be leveraged?
  • As an IT manager who is interested to see where Tableau or Microsoft can provide value to your company across all functions?

If so, this event will be a valuable investment of your time.