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Exploring the Latest Microsoft BI Landscape

Type: Webcast

Topic: SQL Server, Power BI, BI & Analytics

Microsoft is continually evolving their BI landscape, providing opportunities to enhance your current tools with cloud and mobile offerings. Updated with the latest features from the last quarter, this webcast will show you how to capitalize on your existing BI investments with the Microsoft technologies.

Thorogood consultants Jen Cherry and Matt Harrison outline the possibilities available with Microsoft’s latest Business Intelligence offerings. Together you can navigate this robust suite of technologies to accelerate information usage within your organization. Integrating cloud and mobile offerings with the updated on-premises capability increases the value of existing BI offerings, maximizing your effectiveness in both current and future architectures.

Thorogood has been helping companies plan for and adopt this new portfolio of applications and services where it makes sense for each of their businesses.


What we cover

In this webcast, we will demonstrate the latest Microsoft technologies and show you how Microsoft's cloud-based capabilities and traditional on-premises enterprise products can be used together to create a modern, agile business intelligence and analytics platform. In particular, we:

  • Explore how the cloud and on-premises platforms can be brought together for a comprehensive hybrid architecture.
  • Show how Power BI has significantly increased the potential for self-service data visualization and insight.
  • Explore how the data modeling capabilities of self-service and enterprise tools, including the latest release of SQL Server 2017, rapidly respond to the ever-changing information needs of an organization.
  • Demonstrate how Microsoft has made advances with Power BI being Enterprise ready.


Is it for you?

  • Do you want to know more about the new tools and services being delivered by Microsoft?
  • Are your users demanding access to new data faster than your current BI architecture can deliver it?
  • Are you unsure how to incorporate cloud services into your Microsoft BI architecture?
  • Do you have use cases for analytics that cannot be met by your existing tools?