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How Microsoft HDInsight Rises to the Challenge of Big Data

Type: Webcast

Topic: Microsoft BI, HDInsight, Hadoop

On Demand: How Microsoft HDInsight Rises to the Challenge of Big DataHDinsight.jpg

Ninety percent of all the data that exists today was generated in the last two years.  With data volumes increasing exponentially it is inevitable that today's solutions must evolve to meet tomorrow's needs.  Relational databases in many organizations are increasingly hitting the limits of this technology.

This webcast explains how TNT Post devised a new approach for managing their enterprise data with Microsoft's Hadoop-powered HDInsight software.

If you have hit that limit, or want to ensure that you don’t hit the limit, exploring options for handling enormous datasets is on your agenda.  In this webcast, we demonstrate how TNT Post, the second largest mail carrier in the UK, conducted a Proof of Concept to expand their business intelligence architecture to include Microsoft’s Hadoop service, HDInsight, to recognize the benefits of virtually limitless storage.

HDInsight is Microsoft’s offering of Hadoop functionality on their cloud platform, Windows Azure.  HDInsight simplifies the setup and configuration of a Hadoop cluster by offering it as an elastic service.  An organization can get started with one node and expand to as many as required through the Azure platform.  How do you get started with this technology?  How do you integrate it with on-premises functionality?  What is the strategic path for incorporating HDInsight into a data storage strategy for business intelligence and analytics?

In this webcast:

  • We explain how Thorogood helped TNT Post to understand how they can unlock the potential analytic insights embedded in all of their current and historic data.
  • We show how enterprise data can be moved into the low cost cloud storage capability of HDInsight. We demonstrate how Analysis Services can source data from HDInsight and enable high performance in familiar tools such as Excel. 
  • Lastly, we explain how HDInsight can be part of a modern data warehouse architecture that leverages Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System to present a consolidated view of enterprise data to business consumers.

Is it for you?

  • Do you have an expensive storage appliance and are looking to use Hadoop to lower the cost of storage?
  • Are you hitting the limits, or expecting to hit limits, in your existing database technology?
  • Are you forced to purge or archive data because the volumes are too large?
  • Are you interested in using Hadoop but don’t want the complexity of investing in the hardware and configuration of an on premise cluster?
  • Are you interested in leveraging familiar Microsoft front end tools for Hadoop based data? 

If so, this webcast is a worthwhile investment of your time.


This is a demonstration led webcast.  Our specialists present key topics and demonstrate capabilities.