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Integrating QlikView Capabilities and the Salesforce.com Platform

Type: Webcast

Topic: QlikView, Salesforce.com, CRM

In this webcast Thorogood consultants Tom Yeager and Kelsey Dietz demonstrate the possibilities of enhancing Customer Relationship Management systems by integrating QlikView applications and Salesforce.com.

What to expect

Salesforce is a market-leading, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platform. QlikView is an increasingly popular and powerful tool for data visualization, Business Intelligence and Analytics. This webcast explores how these two products can be combined into one powerful solution and produce a compelling CRM platform.

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What we cover

We look to answer questions such as:

  • How can the data visualization capabilities of QlikView be connected to an organization’s customer data from Salesforce?
  • How can QlikView dashboards be embedded seamlessly within the Salesforce platform to more clearly reveal trends and provide insights about sales leads and customer behavior?
  • How can the Salesforce platform be extended by embedding QlikView visualizations connected to other data sources?

We will demonstrate how Qlik and Salesforce.com can be used in combination to drive valuable insights across the business.

Is it for you?

  • Are you using both Salesforce.com and QlikView and are keen to understand their potential for integration?
  • Are you using Salesforce.com, but struggling to integrate information from this platform with other systems?
  • Are you looking to invigorate your sales pipeline and CRM systems with a more robust approach to visualization?

If so, this webcast will be a valuable investment of your time.