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AWS Taster for Data Engineering


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Our AWS Taster for Data Engineering is a half-day workshop providing an overview of the AWS data and analytics platform, featuring demonstrations and hands-on exercises of various services within the AWS suite. With the guidance of Thorogood consultants, attendees will explore the capabilities of data engineering tools through a business-focus lens.

This workshop will explore common architecture patterns for large enterprise organizations, with an opportunity for hands-on learning of AWS data engineering capabilities. You will build various components of an end-to-end solution using multiple services including Amazon S3 data lakes, AWS Glue for data movement and transformation and Athena for data analysis and exploration.

The workshop will include presentations and demos on topics including architecture patterns, AWS DataBrew, and streaming data with AWS.

What to expect:

Keeping your business’s needs at the forefront, we will:

  • Provide an overview of the AWS platform
  • Discuss common architectural patterns with data lakes and data engineering tools to ingest and transform data (batch mode and real-time streaming data)
  • Guide you through hands-on lab exercises

Is it for you?

  • Would you like to learn more about the offerings of the AWS data platform?
  • Are you considering tools that help you deliver business value?
  • Are you looking for hands-on experience to get started and increase your familiarity with the platform?


This is an interactive workshop. Our specialists will present key topics, guide attendees through hands-on exercises, and answer questions that you may have. The workshop is delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams.