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Thorogood Curator Briefing


  • Breakfast Briefing


  • Lloyd's Core Market Returns
  • Solvency II

With the 2018 Annual Return submitted, maybe it’s time to take a look at whether things could be done better? Join us for breakfast on June 6th to see a demo of Thorogood Curator and talk to Faraday CFO Kevin Harker about his experiences using the product.

Curator is a cloud-based Pillar III product for Lloyd’s managing agents to prepare and deliver key Core Market Returns from source system to submission, including:

  • Solvency II (QSR / ASR)
  • Asset Data (QAD / AAD)
  • Quarterly Monitoring (QMA / QMB)
  • Gross Quarterly Data (GQD)
  • Technical Provisions Data (TPD)
  • North American Information Statements (Situs, Tax, TRIA, NAIC)

Curator has been developed by Thorogood with the support of Faraday, part of Gen Re and a leading Lloyd’s insurer. This pairing has enabled Curator to deliver a flexible yet controlled analytic solution to enable insurers to complete their Core Market Returns submissions.Curator avoids the key collation and submission challenges associated with spreadsheets such as highly manual processes, poor traceability of data and no audit of change. Its collaborative platform enables multiple users to simultaneously access, analyze and update returns with full audit trail and validation.

With a rich and detailed data set underpinning the model, and customizable mappings to pull through data, forms can be built up from multiple sources with end-to-end traceability, and with ad-hoc reporting for cross-source analysis. And its role-based framework enables full control of the submission process, with push-button actions reducing submission and setup times to make the whole process faster, easier and assured.

What to expect

In this briefing, we will discuss the challenges faced in the preparation of Solvency II and other Lloyd’s returns, and show how Thorogood Curator is overcoming them. We will introduce Anaplan – a cloud-based enterprise planning and modeling platform with strong collaboration capabilities – and demonstrate how Curator leverages the platform for a compelling and agile product that meets ever-changing regulatory requirements.

In this demonstration-based briefing we will cover how Thorogood Curator will help you:

  • Take control of the Solvency II and Lloyd’s returns process
  • Make return preparation transparent and traceable
  • Seamlessly manage the workflows for manual adjustments and reclassifications
  • Have greater control over data quality and auditability

We will also discuss how the Anaplan platform provides opportunities to streamline other areas including reserving, financial planning and business planning, SBF and PRA Solvency II returns.