Board Reporting on Mobile Devices for a Lloyds of London Insurer

Our client’s CIO took the initiative to provide his Board of Directors with their Board Reports on mobile devices, increasing the richness and impact of the information and demonstrating the potential of new mobile technologies for the firm. Our client is one of the largest Lloyd’s of London insurers and reinsurers. The company’s insurance lines include Property, Casualty, Marine & Energy, Treaty Reinsurance, Personal and Specialty Business.


The Vision

The CIO saw an opportunity to use new mobile technologies to provide richer information with greater impact. He chose to enhance the board report pack which was being produced using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and was being printed for his board members at the end of every month.

The aspiration was high impact delivery of the board reports. The new reports would fully utilise the potential of the new technology, making it easy for board members to interact with the reports and assimilate richer information about the issues and events that were driving their business and its profitability.

Time was short, the technology was new, the audience was demanding and the costs needed to be attractive. The CIO asked Thorogood if his aspiration was achievable.

Thorogood specializes in Business Intelligence and Analytics. It has deep technology skills and an established track record of exceeding client’s expectations.  As a result it was confident of its ability to realize the CIO’s aspirations with a real-world application that made the most of the technical possibilities. 


Delivering the vision

The technology selected for use on the mobile devices was Roambi from Mellmo. This product is able to take data from a number of different sources and display information in simple but engaging visualisations. The device chosen was the popular iPad. 

Working with members of the client’s internal BI team, a Thorogood consultant recreated all of the existing reports using Roambi Analytics. He was able to bring the information to life with much more interactivity and new analytical capabilities. He then embedded the reports in a Roambi Flow document so that complementary and contextual information in the form of maps, text and video could be added to the reports.

The impact on the Board and on their deliberations was considerable. The Board had now experienced the difference that business intelligence on mobile devices could make – a level of appreciation of the potential of new technology that could not have been easily achieved in other ways.

Thorogood were able to produce the reports far more quickly than we expected; the entire exercise took only a few days”

“The key Triangles report was begun in the morning and ready by the afternoon.”  


Next Steps

The internal BI team continues to gain experience with Roambi by further enhancing the regular board reports, while exploring the wider potential of Roambi and mobile devices across the organisation.


Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about what can be achieved with BI and would like to discuss your options with an independent Business Intelligence & Analytics specialist, please get in touch with Evelyn Heyes in the UK ( or Trevor Jones in the US (

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